Batterjee Medical College

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Comprehensive energy audit has been conducted for the whole campus in order to achieve maximum energy and water savings. Based on the detailed study, twelve major Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) have been identified to be implemented. More than 11,000 non-LED lamps have been replaced with high efficiency LED ones, expecting to save more than 17 GWh annual ly. Along with that, optimizing operating schedules has achieved extra major saving with a minimum in front investment which led to achieve very low payback period for the lighting retrofits.

For housing, 4,200-liter solar water heating system has been installed as a replacement of the conventiona I electrica Ily operated boilers, expected to save 322 MWh per year and offering a new reliable source with expected lifetime of 20 years.

Other ECMs include improvements in the HVAC system like replacing old AC units with inverter based split ACs, air balancing and testing, minimizing air leakage, and reactivating the Building Management System (BMS) for the main college building. GREENER team has done complete assess ment to identify the defected elements in the BMS and propose a plan to fix the existing BMS with the minimum cost and maximum possible savings.

Other area of major improvements was water savings as major installation job was conducted for low flow aerators in both faucets and shower head. Additionally, full study was conducted for Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in order to reuse the sewage water after treatment for the purpose of irrigating the vast green spaces in the campus.

Services Provided

  • Lighting retrofits.
  • HVAC retrofits.
  • Solar Water Heaters.
  • BMS Assessment.


Batterjee Medical College.