Coastal Village Community Center

The Read Sea Development, Saudi Arabia

The Coastal Village has been developed to create a home-away-from-home to attract and retain quality personnel at all levels within TRSDC and the Hotel Operator organizations. Pursuing highest level of quality and environmental performance, the project is targeting LEED platinum. GREENER has been assigned as the LEED consultant for the project to ensure the ambitious high target of LEED certification level is achieved.

The project is considered to be a state of art example in terms of sustainability and green building approach. The building is located within the coastal village where all transportation means are based on green technology mainly electric vehicles.

The development will be connected to 100% off grid solar PV plant which will prove the determined commitment for clean energy and carbon footprint reduction. Another unique feature for the building and the whole read sea development is related to the dark night sky incitive which targets reducing the light pollution to a minimum level that ensures the accessibility for beautiful night sky views with all starts clearly visible and glowing the sky in the night.

The project also targets almost full credits for indoor environmental quality ensuring highest level of comfort that relate to indoor air quality, visual and thermal comfort, acoustic performance, daylight, and quality views.

Services Provided

  • LEED Consulting
  • Daylighting Simulation
  • Energy Modelling


The Red Sea Development Company