Al-Nahdah Residences

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

GREENER team has delivered a successful energy performance contract for the common area of this luxury residential project. As a result, 42% saving was realized for a complete year after completing the project.

Major LED lighting retrofits was successfully completed. Additionally, wall mounted occupancy sensor was used in the gym amenity saving a considerable amount of the high-power lighting. delamping was another successful ESM followed in this project

On the other hand, HVAC was the area where the most energy savings occurred. Thanks to the use of the programmable thermostats in the typical corridors in all the floors by which set points were set to a higher level during the low

All window ACs used in the machine rooms were replaced with high efficiency split ACs which also attained a major saving. For the parking spaces, demand-controlled ventila tion, based on the CO sensor, was imple mented to save energy for the high power exhaust fans used to ventilate the parking area. As for the elevators, energy saving settings were considered resulting in easy savings with no extra investments.

Services Provided

  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Lighting Controls
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation
  • HVAC Retrofits


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