Head Office of Saudi Electricity Company

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

As a fast growing institution of higher learning, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU) has created history since it was launched. This university welcomed latest technology since its inception. It implemented them in the teaching methodology and curriculum development. PMU is located on Half Moon Bay Road in a developing area near the cost at Al-Khober. The university’s location in the Eastern Province is particularly appropriate to serving the business, industrial and community needs of the KSA.

The university campus has been designed with care to provide facilities for a full range of academic and student services in a manner that recognizes and maintains the culture and religious values of the Kingdom. In translating the PMU vision and mission into physical reality, the university’s architects have successfully created a university with a distinct and outstanding architectural image.

The university design includes buildings that are shaped and located to create pleasant and inviting spaces. Plazas and covered walkways facilitate student’s movement throughout the university. The entire concept is built on the desire to facilitate, encourage, and celebrate the university’s interactive learning environment. PMU has been forward thinking organization by being an early adopter of new emerging technologies. Speaking of which, GREENER has been a successful partner when it comes to completing the project of installing three Electric Vehicle (EV) fast charging units in different locations throughout the campus.

Services Provided

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


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